Teams area

The spaces provided for the teams consist of 5x6 meters modules, the available area assigned is based on the number of teams, that each team sign up:
- Up to four teams = n. 1 module
- Over the four teams = n. 2 modules
Given limited space, the number of modules assigned at each teams is at the discretion of the organization. It’s possible to book the Team Area until 10 giugno subject to availability.


1. The TEAM area is located in the car park on the top of Pila, in front of the tunnel exit, next the cable car departure area;
2.  Teams must present the pass received by mail at the Team Area manager, which will indicate the assigned area;
3. The reserved area is the maximum space can be used;
4. The access to the team area is not allowed to campers;
5. During the event the Team Area is not supervised.
6. The structures of the Team Area are not insured by the organization against theft, fire, vandalism and civil liability to third parties;
7. The organisation declines all responsibility about theft, damage or deterioration of the objects and structures exhibited;
8.  In the  is not provided any kind of connections;
9. The Team Area wil be open from Monday 28 June at 9am.

Anti-infection rules: obligation to wear a face mask to cover nose and mouth, to keep an interpersonal distance of at least one meter, sanitize your hands frequently and comply with all the regulations in force on the Italian National territory. Safety of all parties is our primary goal.


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